GREP Constitution

  1. The name of this organization shall be Graduate Researchers in Educational Psychology (GREP).
ARTICLE II – Purpose
  1. The purpose of GREP shall be to foster contacts and communication between students and faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology, and to encourage active participation in projects relating to the various fields represented in the department.
ARTICLE III – Membership
  1. Membership in GREP shall be automatically granted to all students currently enrolled in degree concentration areas in the Department of Educational Psychology, subject to the conditions:
    • Membership shall be limited to regularly enrolled University of Georgia students;
    • Membership shall not be denied to any person because of age, race, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin.
ARTICLE IV – Dues and Payment
  1. No dues are required for membership.
ARTICLE V – Executive Officers
  1. The following officers must be elected or appointed by October 1 of each year. Officer Termís are for one year beginning June 1 and continuing to May 31.
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary*
    • Treasurer*
    • Member-at-Large
    • Past President
    • Concentration Area Representatives

    *Can be combined if not enough candidates.

  2. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large will be voting members of the executive. The Past President and Concentration Area Representatives will be non-voting members with one exception. In the case of a tie vote, the Past President will vote to decide the matter.

  3. The selection of executive members will proceed as follows:
    • the election of the President, Secretary and Treasurer will occur during the Spring semester;
    • the election of the Vice-President and Member at Large will occur during the Fall semester;
    • the Past President will be a non-elected position assumed by the current student who was the most recent President; and
    • the Concentration Area Representative from each of the concentration area associations will be selected based upon the constitution of the individual student association, if no method is outline, this representative will be named by the executive of the student association and if no student association exists, the representative will be selected by the executive.

  4. For the purposes of election, the acting President will appoint a Returning Office to oversee the election. The Returning Officer will determine the method of nomination, the length of nomination period, the voting process, and the length of the voting period. This voting period shall not be less than seven (7) days and no more than fourteen (14) days.

  5. The responsibilities of each of the officers shall be as follows:
    1. The President shall
      • be the official spokesperson for the organization;
      • be responsible for ensuring the development and formulation of the policies of the organization;
      • chair all general and executive meetings;
      • be responsible for ensuring the availability of all the services of the organization to all members;
      • be an ex-officio member with vote of all committees;
      • be the official representative of the organization at the departmental level;
      • be responsible for ensuring the submission of an executive budget;
      • be responsible for ensuring that all members perform their duties as directed in this constitution; and
      • have signing authority on all accounts in conjunction with the Treasurer.

    2. The Vice President shall:
      • in the absence of the President, perform all the duties of the President until he/she is able to return, or a by election is held;
      • serve with the President as the official representative of the students when more than one is required;
      • assume the duties of the Secretary during his/her absence;
      • become the President for a one year term following the President in the event that this is not possible an election be held for the Presidency;
        • be responsible for organizing social events during the academic year; and
        • assist the President as necessary.

    3. The Treasurer shall:
      • be responsible for the administering and accounting of all the organizationís funds;
      • share signing authority along with the President on all of the organizationís accounts;
      • administer payment of all expenses incurred by the organization or its activities within two (2) weeks of any request from any member;
      • report at AGM and Executive meetings the organizationís financial status;
      • ensure that all financial activities comply with the approved budget; and
      • be responsible for passing on all financial information, statements and reports onto the incoming Treasurer.

    4. The Secretary shall:
      • record the minutes of all meetings and decisions taken by the Executive and distribute them to the members;
      • maintain a current list of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for all members; and
      • be responsible for the successful chairing of AGM and Executive meetings.

    5. The Member-at-Large shall:
      • ensure that all events are advertised to all members in advance;
      • promote involvement of the student body at planned events;
      • serve as the departmentís representative to the Graduate Student Association (GSA); and
      • assist the Vice President as necessary.

    6. The Concentration Area Representatives shall:
      • represent the students from their individual concentration areas at all executive meetings;
      • arrange for an alternative representative to attend the meeting if they themselves are unable to; and
      • report to their concentration area information and decisions from the organization.
ARTICLE VI – Meetings
  1. Meetings of the organization shall be held according to the schedule established at the first meeting of the new school year.
  1. A quorum shall be established if the President and at least two other executive members, and five other members are in attendance.
ARTICLE VIII – Committees
  1. The organization shall establish committees or seek representatives to department committees as needed.
ARTICLE IX – Responsibilities
  1. The organization shall have the primary responsibilities in the department for the following:
    • organizing professional development session of general interest to the students;
    • supporting student for conference travel;
    • maintaining the Graduate Student Lounge;
    • providing student representation within the department and on department committees;
    • communicating the needs of students in department to the GSA and communicating relevant GSA notices to its members; and
    • supporting and promoting concentration area student associations within EPIT.
ARTICLE X – Amendments
  1. Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed and made at an annual general meeting at least once each academic year.
  2. The power to modify this Constitution will be exclusively reserved for the general members of the organization.
  3. Amendments to this Constitution shall be made by a majority vote (51%) of the general members or by a referendum.
ARTICLE XI – Ratification

September 7, 2005


05/11/13 - Due to the deparmental changes, we have adopted the new name of Graduate Researchers in Educational Psychology (GREP).

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